Inncovid.Norge – three papers published!

Herrero-Arias, R., Ortiz-Barreda, G., Czapka, E. et al. The evolvement of trust in response to the COVID-19 pandemic among migrants in Norway. Int J Equity Health 21, 154 (2022).

Czapka EA, Herrero-Arias R, Haj-Younes J, Hasha W, Madar AA, Møen KA, Ortiz-Barreda G, Diaz E. ‘Who is telling the truth?’ Migrants’ experiences with COVID-19 related information in Norway: a qualitative study. Scand J Public Health. 2022 Nov 14:14034948221135237. doi: 10.1177/14034948221135237

Madar A.A., Benavente P., Czapka E., Herrero-Arias R., Haj-Younes J., Hasha W., Deeb G., Møen K.A., Ortiz-Barreda G., Diaz E., COVID-19: access to information, level of trust and adherence to health advice among migrants in Norway. A cross-sectional study, Archives of Public Health, 2022, 80(1):15.