“It is always me against the Norwegian system.” barriers and facilitators in accessing and using dementia care by minority ethnic groups in Norway: a qualitative study

I am happy to announce that my last paper, co-authored by Mette Sagbakken, has just been published. It presents some of the results’ of my last project on understandings, experiences and responses to age related cognitive impairment among families with minority ethnic backgrounds, living in Norway.  The study utilized a qualitative design. The participants included family caregivers of people living with dementia with minority ethnic backgrounds, the representatives of migrant communities and the representatives of health and care personnel working with people living with dementia.https://link.springer.com/epdf/10.1186/s12913-020-05801-6?sharing_token=gRtISkIJv7q_cKB0C4L_l2_BpE1tBhCbnbw3BuzI2RPvMdchof1b_mV80OlV4seN-QAoKL21Ki92_6zbE0qCB0XwN4hj7zGFEUc37856cKOS-MMUc0526FHSMjsM9k3HTLXDKwHZcDQ-D_dMtEeEvl9fqQ0np9Xtn5PrBGDw0w0%3D