A new chapter in my life – I became the Chair of ENIEC

I have been a member of ENIEC (European Network on Intercultural Elderly Care) since 2017. ENIEC is a non-profit European network of professionals that seeks to secure the rights of elderly people with a foreign ethnic or minority background in Europe. We meet annually in one of the European cities. In March, we organized an amazing annual meeting in Zoom. We were all involved in one way or another, despite the fact that most of us are so tired of the online meetings and meeting platforms. Teamwork led us to success!

 At the same time, I joined the Board and I became the new Chair of the Board. The previous Chair, Lola Casal Sanches, has served ENIEC as Board Member and Chair since 2015. She was a very active leader and she inspired many of us.

The new Board, including me and three wonderful ladies: Nikolett Arnold, Jennifer van den Broeke and Elisabeth de Vries, is looking forward to look for and with ENIEC members. Soon, you will hear more about ENIEC as it has become a very important part of my life 😊